Organizing your photos...!!

Digital photography has opened up the world of photography to people like never before. The last time we had anything close to the current surge in photography was when Kodak introduced the Brownie way back in 1900. Unfortunately, the digital revolution hasn’t done anything to revolutionize photo storage. We have quickly gone from shoeboxes stacked with prints and negatives to computer hard drives and memory cards packed with a jumble of images. The question is, how do we straighten up these digital shoeboxes so that we can find our images?

Digital Organizers
Most photo editing (digital darkroom) programs now include their own organizers. Although some offer more features than others, most of these work on the same idea. This is that as you upload images the software reads the camera EXIF data (shutter speed, aperture, lens mm, date) and sorts the images accordingly in a search feature (regardless of where you save the images). While this auto sort does group images together, it isn’t very helpful as most of us prefer to find images by subject rather than by shutter speed. Stronger organizer programs offer the ability to add custom information, or tags, to your images as you upload them. Common tags include subject and keywords. These custom tags make it much easier to locate images later as they will match the way you personally think about the images.

Regardless of whether or not you use a digital organization program, using multiple folders to store your images on your computer is a good idea. There will be times when you want to access photos directly instead of through your organizer program and folders will make the job easier.

Strategies for Organizing
Regardless of if you use folders or a digital organization program, you need to have a strategy for your organization. This will vary a bit from person to person because each of us thinks differently. For example, some people may prefer to file “sunsets” under “nature” but others would put them under “scenics”. What your categories are does not matter as much as making sure you can remember them and be consistent.

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